Somerset and Devon are blessed with a wonderful SME sector and we’re home to some of Europe’s largest infrastructural projects – however, downsizing, re-branding, or going out of business is part and parcel of the business landscape. The South West, like every region, isn’t immune to the movements of markets and the difficulties of staying afloat.

We are proud of being able to help any employees either voluntarily, or otherwise, entering redundancy.

Part of our “Stay Local” brand promise is to share in your successes, but also to be on hand when the going gets tough, and we do so from day one – we’ve always offered a free service for job seekers across the board, but often when a job search is forced upon you, your confidence can be knocked, you don’t know where to turn and the job market can be a daunting and chaotic place, especially online.

That’s where we step in:

  • We operate a One Consultant, One Candidate rule, meaning your job search is dealt with by one consultant, who will be a specialist in your sector, to keep the process personal and simple.
  • That consultant will be your go-to for everything and anything, and above all we value your expectations – we don’t promise what we cannot achieve, and we work at your pace!
  • We take you step by step through the process of reference checking, client relationships, and our live jobs – you’re kept in contact with through email and regular phone calls to make sure you’re fully aware of our support and representation.
  • Through our App, candidates also get first refusal on new jobs as they come into One Step – meaning you can quickly and efficiently apply for work.
  • We make sure you’re supported in your job search by also offering CV advice, interview practice and techniques, and supply you with the confidence to walk into any employer and know we’ve found the right job for you.

Tomorrow, our Senior Industrial Consultant Katrice and our Senior Technical Consultant Sam will be joining other local trade bodies and agencies in helping an Axminster based manufacturing company support their recently-made redundant staff into new work. It’s an unfortunate part of recruitment, but we’re eager to make sure we support where we can.

We’ll be providing candidates there information on our agency, simple and quick workshops on CV writing, and organising pre-interviews and registrations with strong Industrial and Technically able candidates to help them on their job seeking journey.

If you’re a local employer eager to meet some of our new candidates, make sure you sign up to our Candidate Mailer Lists or contact Katrice or Sam on 01460 68884 or 01823 250025.