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One Step have quietly become one of the counties leading Hospitality and Events recruiters over the last few seasons, through savvy client relationship building and well managed and supported Hospitality staff management.

We’re now the Official Recruitment Partner of Somerset County Cricket Club, providing the stadium with teams of Match Day, Event and Gig staff, all of whom are reference checked and vetted prior to work. Through this relationship we are now providers of Bar, Waiting, Counter, Kitchen and Cleaning staff to Holiday Camps, Music Festivals, Seasonal Gigs, Weddings and Events, year round.

Looking to hire Hospitality Staff

in Somerset & the South West?

Look no further than One Step – Our Hospitality team are well versed in recruiting for everything from one off events to season long placements. With years of supporting restaurants, bars, weddings and more, we’ve built a huge database of staff, and through a hands-on, personal service where your consultant also interviews and hires your staff, you can be sure that we’ll be worth investing in.

We also take advantage of more modern ways of candidate management through our One Step Candidate app – this makes the process of advertising and contacted candidates for events work much easier and more efficient.

We’ll help provide suitable candidates for your vacancy, whether it’s an experienced job seeker looking for a new role or you need someone to fill a temporary position. We’re here to support you every step of the way, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like any advice on how best to manage your staffing needs.

Looking to work in Hospitality in Somerset and beyond?

Whether you’re a passionate F&B manager looking for a new career, or a student looking to top up their bank account in between terms or jobs, we can help you find a great job. With long standing relationships with companies like the Somerset County Cricket Club, we provide teams of staff year round for some of the county’s most exciting events and gigs.

We can provide a range of exciting opportunities in a variety of positions across the hospitality industry. With long standing relationships with companies like the Somerset County Cricket Club, we provide teams of staff year round for some of the county’s most exciting events and gigs.

Being on our books has never been easier – we simply interview you, check your eligibility to work and contact you prior to every event to check on your availability, and there is no requirement to work every event, simply when you can!

Get in contact with Steve to discuss how we can help you!

For the latest job alerts, download the OneStep app via Google Play and the Apple Store. See our latest job vacancies in the hospitality industry below.

How does hospitality recruitment work?

Hospitality recruitment is the process of finding and hiring qualified individuals for various positions within the hospitality industry, such as hotels, restaurants, and event management companies. It typically involves sourcing candidates, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and ultimately selecting the best fit for the job.

Recruitment agencies specialising in hospitality often have extensive networks and industry knowledge to help match employers with suitable candidates. By partnering with agencies like us, your businesses can streamline their hiring process and ensure we find the right talent to meet your specific needs.

What roles are available in the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry offers a wide range of roles to suit various interests and skill sets. Some common positions include hotel managers, restaurant servers, bartenders, chefs, housekeepers, event planners, and concierge staff. There are also opportunities in sales and marketing, human resources, finance, and administration within hospitality organisations.

The industry is diverse and constantly evolving, providing ample room for growth and expertise. Whether you have a passion for customer service, culinary arts, event management, or business operations, there is likely a role within the hospitality industry that aligns with your interests and strengths.

Is previous experience necessary to work in the hospitality industry?

While previous experience can certainly be beneficial when applying for hospitality roles, it’s not always a strict requirement. Many establishments are willing to provide on-the-job training for entry-level positions, particularly if you demonstrate a strong work ethic and willingness to learn.

Starting in a lower-level position can provide valuable hands-on experience and opportunities to develop essential skills. As you gain experience and prove your abilities, you can gradually work your way up to more senior positions within the industry.

What qualities do employers look for in hospitality candidates?

Employers often seek candidates who possess a combination of technical skills and personal qualities. While specific requirements may vary depending on the role, there are some common traits that employers value.

These include excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as hospitality is a people-centric industry. Employers also look for candidates who are reliable, adaptable, and able to work well under pressure. A positive attitude, strong work ethic, and a genuine passion for providing exceptional service are also highly regarded.

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