Tonight on the Tone FM Job Show, James Tuckett is discussing an oft overlooked function both recruiters and clients should consistently maintain – speed of service.

In a candidate led market, Recruiters, HR teams and Client’s cannot sit on applications like they used too – for candidates, the power is with them. Clients need to strike while the iron is hot and make moves quickly to secure a candidates interest and build an honest, trust-led relationship.

James highlighted the speed of service – both in engaging a candidate, and securing CV and interview feedback – as being vital to building this trust.

There is nothing worse than applying for job and receiving no reply, or going to an interview and being offered no feedback, advice or debrief on your application: In fact, One Step Recruitment think this is one of the most important parts of the Job Application process.

James offered the following advice to candidates and clients as vital components at the core of service speed:

  • Candidates should actively seek feedback at every stage of the application process – this constant self-assessment means you are able to make reasonable adjustments and consistently highlight your strengths in certain fields to make sure your CV is as positive as can be,
  • Always be aware your recruiter should be doing this too, as it’s also in their interest to make sure they are representing you to the best of their ability – make sure you know what your recruiter is telling clients about you and what information they are seeking on your behalf, and work on your applications mutually,
  • Interview feedback is vital – push your client and recruiter to seek feedback on your interview, so if amendments need to be made you can affect them immediately,
  • Candidates – be aware that clients (and recruiters!) should always work quickly and efficiently.

Clients cannot afford to be slow on the uptake with candidates any more. With record employment and increasing pressures on business to fill roles with workers who are in work, speed is of the essence.

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