Customer Service is at the heart of Recruitment –the industry is built on reliable, and trusted relationships built between recruiter and client and candidate, so being a confident, efficient communicator and being customer focussed is absolutely essential to being a good recruiter.

As part of #CustomerServiceWeek, we asked Katrice, our Senior Recruitment Consultant in Chard, a few questions about the importance of customer service within recruitment, what skills she utilises in her job, and her examples of companies with brilliant customer service.

What customer service skills do you need to employ to be a good recruiter?

Being empathetic with very good listening skills. A lot of this is down to a few key things: being approachable, strong, confident body language, good eye contact, a strong belief in the service you give. This is all true customer service, and should be the basics all recruiters employ, but it’s amazing how often people can get it wrong. I feel the ability to build relationships through great customer service, and being confident in yourself, is vital to how you recruit.

In your experience, what do you think constitutes bad customer service in recruitment?Katrice

Communication, communication, communication – you cannot be a bad communicator. Bad customer service in any format, such as giving incorrect information,  promising something you can’t deliver, will destroy that professional relationship.

In recruitment, and especially in temporary recruitment, bad communication skills with key day to day facts like location, times of assignment etc, can torpedo any relationship quicker than you can pick up a phone.

And lastly, not being compassionate – it’s not hard to smile, to offer an ear, to empathise. It’s so integral when you’re dealing with people’s careers, and vital when helping a company recruit their next star employee.

In your experience, what company or brand do you think represents having great customer service?

You could choose a few, but for me British Gas or EE – two companies with proven customer service skills that go back years.

As many industries move towards AI, and Britain’s High Streets are losing businesses, do you think Customer Service as a career choice is a secure choice?

Yes – I can’t speak for all industry, but the human element within recruitment will not be overtaken by automation.

Yes, there are efficiencies to be made, but people still want to deal with people – AI and automation should make the relationships, the customer service, even better! I love the connections I build with people, that’s why I do this job, and I hope any advances in the industry make my job even more satisfying, and ultimately better for job seeker and employer.