What a way to start a Tuesday, with an unexpected testimonial from a loyal client!  If you’d like to work with us after reading this, please get in contact.  You can upload your vacancy at any time using our Post a Vacancy form.  Still unsure?  Browse through some other testimonials or visit our Employers page.


All the staff I have had dealings with at One Step have been brilliant.

Recruitment can take a lot of time and I wanted to be able to use that time more constructively within the business.

I felt very comfortable in the way the information was given to me by One Step and nothing was hidden. Jonathan (One Step Consultant) and I worked closely to form a plan of how we would need to recruit and what was required to do this. The plan works very well and is consistent.

We are recruiting live-in carers with the help of One Step, not just locally but nationally also. We are given choices of carers CV’s before we decide if we would like to arrange interviews. One Step has a list of supporting documents we require for the live-in care role, to ensure some documents are ready beforehand, saving time.

Jonathan is a great communicator and shows a very good understanding of what is required to fulfil the job role. Jonathan took time to learn about [our business] and how we work as a company.

I knew when we started this agreement we would need a flexible approach to ensure the process was suitable for both us and One Step.

I would not hesitate to recommend One Step as a recruitment agency and I am very grateful for all their help so far.