Jess is sleeping under the stars this Friday equipped with a sleeping bag and piece of cardboard as her home for the evening, joining 60 other members of the public they’re sleeping out from 6:30pm to 7.30am the following morning all to raise awareness and funds for Taunton Association for the homeless.

Jess set up her Just Giving page to allow people to easily donate with a target to raise £75.00, at the time this piece was written Jess has well exceeded her target and has £240.00 ready to give to the T.A.H

Good on you girl, stay safe, REMEMEBER to put batteries in your head torch 😉 and we can quite confidently say no badgers will be coming for you in the night ( a genuine worry for  Miss Wood!)

The link for Jess’s Just Giving page is below + link to the Taunton Association for the homeless to find out more!