2019 was a fantastic year for One Step Recruitment – from moving further into market specialisms like Tech and Care, welcoming old staff members back into the fold like Yasmin Collins (not to mention her and Sam’s Cert RP Exam pass!), to launching our candidate app and having a record breaking 3 quarters in the run up to the New Year, we are in a really strong place to look ahead to 2020.

Our MD and Operational Team know that 2020 will be a testing year – the introduction of Off Payroll Tax rulings in April, coupled with Brexit, mean that there could be some potentially hairy moments in the months to come.

We’ve listed below some of our key predictions for 2020 – markets that will undergo the biggest change, or movements within our company that will make the biggest impact to our service – that 2020 may have in store for us.

The rise and/or fall of the Care Sector.

One Step Recruitment are proud to be expanding our recruitment services into the Care Sector covering both Temporary and Permanent services, but the sector will continue to show signs of strain. Future Governmental spending is, at the time of writing, still unknown, but no matter the indications of higher central spending, the industry is still peppered with high staff turnover, anti-social hours, low pay, and in some instances a lack of career development.

However, it is changing! Care companies are starting to react, and the rise in National Minimum Wage later this year will add those vital extra pennies per hour carers need, and while this may affect some smaller companies’ bottom line in the short term, it is a much needed positive move.

James Tuckett: “Having a Care Consultant who has worked in the industry has been vital for us – Jaydene, our Care Consultant, has proven that not only is she well versed in the business of care funding and staffing, her relationship with Carers has made the difference. She can immediately build rapport with candidates because she’s been in the front line too. As our agency moves further into the industry, that trust that we build with carers on our books will be the sign we’re doing the right job”.


The great unknown! Somerset has a very well established and globally minded manufacturing sector, as well as a long standing farming community. How both of these sectors fare is the great unknown – confidence is tied intimately to purchasing, and access to the EU is all but necessary to continue the county’s growth. For every Hinkley Point, there are thousands of smaller companies who rely on open borders and good faith. This could be tested to its limit by the end of the year.

But the saga of Brexit is coming to a close, and confidence should rise as companies adapt to trade rulings.

Steve Eagle: When talking to companies, they are still busy, but are unsure of how Brexit will manifest itself…they still have a need for good quality labour to help improve their business…2020 is going to be a very interesting year in the recruitment industry and the country as a whole, with a lot of changes on the horizon. But once Brexit is confirmed at the end of January, employers may have a better direction for this year”.

Tech Sector

Much like our push into Care, we’ve found the end of 2019 to be busiest for our Tech Sector, handled ably by Sam Scriven. To say there are shortages in key Tech roles is an understatement – we’re at a crunch moment in our county’s development and with shortages across the board in trained and skilled creative Technical workers and leaders, this particular sector will only grow and become more integral to community success.


Changes to IR35 with the introduction of the new “Off Payroll Tax Rulings” means the oft-criticised change for the private sector could play havoc with businesses. Implementation and policing of this change may be difficult, but ultimately our feeling is every company will adapt and prosper.

With change comes possibility for growth: as One Step Recruitment have always run our business “On” payroll, we will continue business as usual, whereas other agencies will ultimately have to raise their rates. We aim to provide a more affordable and more secure recruitment service to our community’s businesses.