Taunton is blessed with great schools and colleges – from pre-school to 6th form and into FE, Taunton has a plethora of educational outlets that regularly deliver some of the best schooling in the South West.  They are regularly touted as one of the biggest pullers of people to the area to settle and raise families, and provide some of the best regional training and development for young people and mature students to join and retrain within the work force.


As part of our educational outreach we’ve been invited onto the Employer Advisory Group at Richard Huish College. Earlier this week they attended the 1st conference of the academic year to sit down and discuss a new Childcare Level 3 course at the College. This course was late to the offering table from the College, and One Step Recruitment will be partnering with Richard Huish to ensure a full student intake for 2019.


Our Care consultant Jon and our Commercial consultant Ellie sat down with course managers, council team members and a number of care providers to discuss the local and national trends in Health and Care, and how shortages in the industry, both in childcare and the wider Health and Social Care environment, can be positively effected by educational leaders in the area.


The One Step team members were part of a group of 10 to discuss apprenticeship schemes, college courses and marketing and to provide advice on how to better advertise the excellent career opportunities of training and working within Health and Social Care.


One Step has a unique place in the local recruitment market by having an objective “boots on the ground” view of Health and Care, its pressures, shortcomings and benefits, and we are able to provide some well needed guidance in a very important and high pressured field!


With Ellie and Jon’s support, and with over a year each working with multiple providers and candidates in the field, we very much enjoyed our time with the Huish team, and we’ll be attending the next Employee Advisory Group in February 2019!