There has been a rise of employers advertising “No agencies….” Why? Is it because of a bad experience? Or, it costs money?

In a world where we need all staff to work collectively and as a team it is now more important than ever before to find the right staff and working with us here at One Step Recruitment  can take that stress away of finding the right member of staff.

We interview all candidates to make sure they are the right fit for any business we put them forward to.

Candidates are applying for roles at a high rate in order to find employment and here at One Step Recruitment we are able to check their commitment to a vacancy and clearly identify what their plans are for the future.  This, of course, saves you time and therefore ultimately money to spend on the business post Covid-19 and it can be so frustrating when you offer a candidate a position and they start and a day later they don’t come back.

Equally if a candidate has been made redundant then the first place they tend to go is an agency. If you put “No Agencies” you are firing in the dark in the hope that the right candidate is looking at your vacancy at that exact time.

Finding a good recruitment partner is worth alot more than you may first think.  Think of us as an extension to your HR department.  We are experts in the field of recruitment and spend time thoroughly looking through suitable candidates.

If a household has issues with plumbing they get a plumber in, an expert. We are experts in recruitment so use us!

Better still you only pay once the right candidate has been hired, so no risk whatsoever to you, the employer.