We have shared with you Rowland’s story (who loves his temporary work with One Step) and Tom’s story (who loves his permanent work through One Step). To end this week’s focus on loving your job and avoiding cheesy Valentine’s Day lines (!), the third person in our series is our very own Recruitment Consultant, Jon.

Jon started at One Step Recruitment in May 2017 recruiting both Commercial & Care roles and is the proud recipient of the One Step New Consultant of the Year 2017, awarded to him at Christmas.  Here’s his story:

Why recruitment and why One Step Recruitment, Jon?

“Recruitment was a step sideways from a consultative selling role I was in before. Why One Step?  Simple really – I wanted to work for the agency with the best reputation in Somerset, from both a candidate and client prospective.”

What do you love about your job?

“Everything! Obviously the role isn’t without its challenges, however without challenge life would be boring! I am a people person so being able to interact with candidates and clients over multiple mediums is fantastic.”

Would you recommend a career in recruitment?

“Recruitment isn’t for everyone, it’s really hard work. But I do think that every recruitment consultant will tell you a very similar message – the more you work, the more lucrative the role itself can be.

“If you like a challenge, working hard and can take a knock back or two I would highly recommend a career in recruitment!”

Everyone has bad days. How do you move on from these?

“I move on from a bad day by focusing on what I can control, learn what I could have done better and how to improve for next time. We work with people, and sometimes people let you down! Sometimes there has been a slip up in a process or a personal mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, however learning from these mistakes or lessons is most important.”

What is the secret to getting to where you are today?

“I don’t think there is a ‘where I am today’! I have a fantastic network of help here at One Step and an amazing management team. I have only been in recruitment for a matter of months – I am learning every day and growing into the role with every knock back, placement, telephone call and new client! There is lots to achieve this year and lots of exciting news to come. Watch this space!”

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