Commercial Manager James Tuckett has been at the forefront of client contact over the last few weeks, speaking to employers around the region getting their two cents on hiring amid a pandemic, and why having one eye on your future staffing needs, and your team, is the right thing to do…

“I have had lots of really good conversations recently with many employers over the last 3 weeks or so, and the main trend I am seeing is that we are all not alone… we ARE all in this together. The conversations I have had with local employers is that yes, business is slow, but most are looking at their business for when we come out the other side of this pandemic.

In some cases yes, recruitment is on hold, but in others quite the opposite. Some key industries understandably have ramped up their need for staff: the care industry, drivers, call handlers being able to work from home and some manufacturing businesses, all in order to meet the demand of the nation.

As I said, there are also other business that are thinking of the future and thinking to themselves now is actually a good time to find someone.

One conversation in particular sticks in mind  was with a local employer who, 3 weeks ago when Covid-19 was hitting the news, decided to put his search on hold, so when his number flashed up on my phone I was pleasantly surprised. “James, the role that we put on hold 3 weeks ago, I think now is a great time to find that right new employee”. Clearly working from home, I nearly fell off my dining room chair! We then went on to have a thorough in-depth conversation in terms of the the current state of the world, and the fact that some people are furloughed, some are working from home and some are just out of work at this moment in time.

Then came our next conversation. So what will these individuals be doing? Are they online, actively looking for new roles? In fact, more than likely, yes. From clients themselves, and from our own work, we can now confirm that previously passive candidates who actually weren’t actively looking for a role are now  more likely to apply for your job. This passive candidate base is connected, online, and above all nervous about the after effects of COVID-19 on the jobs market. Setting your stall out early as an employer is the right thing to do when it comes to getting the right talent in your door for a post-COVID world.

There is also some demand for the “quick fill” roles. Those companies that need staff quickly in order to cover sickness (more so than ever now), increase in workload, or support an unexpected project and the benefits of using One Step Recruitment to do this far outweighs just posting an advert on various websites and being inundated. (That’s my next article idea!!).

So is now a good time to find you next permanent employee? Absolutely 100%. They do not need to start now, tomorrow or next week, but they can start when business picks up or lockdown is lifted. But with more and more people not stuck in the hustle and bustle of daily routine, people have more time to have a look and come across that perfect role…your vacancy.”