We tend to be hearing a lot of contacts saying that they are recruiting themselves as it saves them money. But does it really? Think about it.

Advertising the job

You or your company may have to pay for an advert. This is a cost to you. You can advertise free on certain sites but do get inundated with unsuitable applicants, many whom maybe applying for everything without any commitment to YOUR role.Yes you will get responses from your advert, but lets be realistic here, how many applications do you have to go through to reject, as a major proportion of the applicants will not be suitable in any way. How many hours will this take you or your business? This is a cost to you.

Interviews & Shortlisting

Then you set up interviews for the chosen few. This is a cost to you.

So far you have had to pay out for advertising, Labour in shortlisting applicants and arranging interviews, and most importantly your valuable time. Not only is this a cost to you, but so far, you have nothing to show for it in return as you have not made a decision as to who will be successful in getting your role.

You go through your interview and selection process and make your choice. What come-back have you got at that stage if your selection is the wrong choice or has not worked out for you, or has taken another role or their references have come back putting you in a position where you have to think again. You have now gone through the whole recruitment process, and now have to go back to the beginning and the costs start all over again.

Hopefully you make the right choice and you have a return on your investment, but how many times have you made a choice that hasn’t worked out for one reason or another?

How we can help

This is where recruitment businesses like One Step Recruitment are of real value. We don’t look at ourselves as a supplier to our clients, but as part of your team.

We advertise for you if necessary, very often our extensive database of already interviewed and qualified applicants, including some people who not on the active job market but are waiting for the right role. There is NO cost to you.

We shortlist all applicants ensuring they are genuinely interested and committed to your role, communicating with any unsuccessful candidates. There is NO cost to you.

We arrange interviews for you. There is NO cost to you.

So far, you haven`t spent any money in the recruitment process; you have been able to use your valuable time in working on other more important projects for your business.

The only cost comes to you once YOU have made a decision on who has been successful for the role.

Equally you have a number of ways in how you can offer the successful individual the role, helping you reduce any future risk that may rear its ugly head over the next few months.

Bottom line is that yes you can recruit yourselves, but it does still come at a price. The way we like to think about it is. You can put up shelves at home, but you will probably have to do them again in the future. If you get a tradesman to do it for you, it will be a much stronger longer lasting job and will ultimately save you time and money in the future.

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