Finding good quality candidates is very difficult at the moment so we have devised some FAQ’s about how we can help your business.

What do recruitment agencies do?

Most people are aware of recruitment agencies but some do not know exactly how they work.  Essentially an agency will work with employers directly on job vacancies within the business and source candidates suitable for the role in question.  Those clients will then pay a fee to the agency for supplying that individual.  This can be done on a temporary or permanent basis.

Temporary Staff

For temporary staff here at One Step Recruitment we cover the hourly rate of pay to the candidate, National Insurance contributions, pension contributions and holiday pay meaning that all the associated costs are covered in the hours that the candidate works.

Permanent Staff

To find permanent staff here at One Step Recruitment we charge a percentage of the annual salary in order to work out our costs.  Fees do vary for example, some fees might be slightly lower in cases where there is high volume.  Certain fees might go above the average particularly for those difficult placements and hard-to-find candidates.  Remember in the main fees are only payable when a successful candidate has been found which limits the rish to the client.

Why should I use a recruitment agency?

Using an agencies allows employers to have far better access to talent.  The local network the recruitment agencies have is far better than just a single company finding talent themselves.  Equally if a role needs filling at short notice such as to cover sickness or or replacing someone thats leaving good recruitment agencies are likely to get a shortlist or replacement together relatively quicky.

Many businesses or employers often wonder if outsourcing your recruitment process is neccessary or can this be just done internally.  In short, the agency will have a strong network of candidates, access to candidates with a specific skillset, knowledge on salary benchmarking and give further information on candidates that may be suitable.

And remember there is no risk, you only pay for the service once a suitable candidate has been found and they have started.

For more information or to speak to a consultant about how One Step Recruitment can help you call Taunton on 01823 250025 or 01460 68884 or simply posy your vacancy here: