Are you into football?

Who are your bets on, to WIN the Premier League?

Who will come 4th in the League and play in the coveted Champions League next season?

Will our Taunton Colleagues be pleased with the outcome on Sunday?

If you’re into your football, you’d understand why two of the team in our Taunton Office have everything crossed, for a certain North London club… TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR!

It is undoubtedly a nervous time for a few teams, as there’s still a title race to be decided…

By 18:00 on Sunday night, Steve, Nathan and their fellow Tottenham supporters, will know if they’ll be drowning their sorrows or running around celebrating! I wonder what the outcome will be?!

It would be a great start to Monday morning, having Steve and Nathan with big cheesy grins on their faces… That said, I know who I’ll be hoping to win the final Champions League spot up for grabs! (For the first and last time as a secret Arsenal fan).