One Step have always prided themselves on having a strong community presence in our local schools.

From our massive careers fairs helping students learn about fantastic businesses in Somerset and the South West, to working more directly with schools and colleges on providing work place, interview and CV advice in class rooms, we enjoy being able to provide an objective and well honed eye on local employment opportunities for the next generation in the region.

Two of our consultants, Ellie and Ben, last week spent a day at an Ilminster school on their Careers Day, getting back to basics – how does the modern young worker find work? What opportunities are out there? How should they approach CV writing and what should you do in an interview?

Ellie and Ben focused also on the one of the most important modern day work place topics – social media usage and how best to protect your work/life balance.

“Young people Job Seeking is so much more than just getting as much experience as possible – whether that’s through further education, apprenticeships, or joining the work force after school. It’s also about being aware of how much opportunity is available online via remote working, and how increasingly the global workplace is available from a desk with wifi! However, we wanted to reiterate how essential it is to be careful about your work/life balance”.

“Social Media has changed the fabric of everything from data protection to job seeking, so teaching some of the next generation of workers to be aware of their social environment online and how that impacts their work off line is vitally important”.

One of teachers who hosted us had felt this advice was well delivered, “A huge thank you to both you and Ben for your time last Wednesday for our careers day. The children learned a great deal about the consequences of their actions through social media and what to expect when they start creating their own CVs. They learned some new career routes and were inspired by them; they came talking to me later enquiring further which is just what we wanted, to raise their aspirations”.