This past weekend our indomitable Industrial Manager Steve Eagle celebrated his big 5-0 at home with his family!

Our company’s efforts to mitigate the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on our community are in full swing, but we still want to take a step back and give a (remote but very LOUD) round of applause to this stalwart of local business for his birthday!

Steve’s commitment to the company has never been in doubt, but the last 2 months have seen Steve dig seriously deep to support One Step, our workers, our temps, our clients and his staff. Steve, alongside Nick and James, has been instrumental in turning One Step into a decentralised office; he’s been front and centre on the phones every day, all day, even at weekends, sparing no efforts to make sure his people are being looked after; and after all of that he’s still heading home to be a brilliant family man…all this, and he can’t see his beloved Spurs!

Happy Birthday Steve, we’re raising a glass to you, and we’ll make sure we save one for when we can celebrate face to face!