As a proven recruitment agency we see candidates with a variety of backgrounds and skills and if candidates have been made redundant the first place they tend to turn to is a recruitment agency.

We fully screen them and find out more about them and their background.

There are also passive candidates; those that are not actively looking for a new job right now but whose heads could be turned should the right role come about.  Like some of the candidates we have on our database right now, many register with us so we can contact with roles that may meet their skillset.  Those candidates would never be actively looking for your job should it come up on an advert somewhere.

So why would you put “No Recruitment Agencies” on a job advert?

  • Is it because you have had a bad experience
  • Lack of budget
  • Is it you feel you can do recruitment yourself

It could be all of the above.

A bad experience: you will get this in all industries there is always a “bad egg”. There are some horror stories of poor agencies who just find CV’s and send them out without screening the candidate, or sending out CV’s using a scatter gun approach and if a candidate is engaged by the client then an invoice lands on the mat. This is desperation recruiting. Very limited ground work is done with this approach.

Lack of budget: We understand in this current climate funds are limited however lets draw your attention to a different approach, lets say you place an advert somewhere for example on the internet, that may cost £500. You then get several applicants, you then have to sift through each candidate, opening the CV and reading them= 5 minutes per CV thats hours just

opening and reading CV’s, how much is your time worth per hour?? An agency will only send CV’s that are relevant to the role and suitably screened and interviewed. As the employer you receive a shortlist and then you interview yourself to get to know that candidate in more detail. Each agency can be different however with us at One Step Recruitment we only charge when a candidate has been offered, they have accepted the role and they have started. Even then there is a rebate clause should the candidate not work out. That lack of budget looks more productive now using an agency, doesn’t it?

You can do it yourself: We are full time recruiters, its 100% of our role its possibly 5% of yours!

So you may think that DIY recruitment is cheaper. But when you break it down it actually could save you money and it will definitely save you time. As mentioned above we will only send relevant CV’s and not charge until they have started with you. We can also advertise your position on various platforms to generate interest from further afield.

We have a facility to post your vacancy saving you even more time: click the link below.