James Tuckett is back on the ToneFm Job’s Show tonight, talking about what one of the most nerve wracking and hard-to-judge parts of the candidate journey – body language in interviews!

The famous 93/7 percentage split between non-verbal and verbal communication is the most famous “body language” statistic used, and is often used within recruitment training process when preparing recruiters to win new clients.

But what should recruiters be telling their candidates when it comes to body language? What advice can we give to job seekers, and is there such a thing as too confident?

“Like much of the advice we give candidates, it comes down to three things: be honest, be you, and keep it simple”, our commercial manager James says.

“By the time you reach the interview stage, you’re already ahead of the pack and you’ve been shortlisted – you’re doing well! First impressions are enormously important, and when your body language accounts for 55% of all non-verbal communication, remember the basics, and keep it simple: hold eye contact, walk proudly, be prepared and be confident in your CV and work history. But remember: tone of voice and verbal content is important, and often make the difference”.

“There is, in my estimation, no such thing as too confident – but there is appropriate confidence”.

“Simple things like standing up straight mean you project better and your voice is clear. If your body shows confidence, the content of what you say will sound confident”.

“But always remember to be you: your particular style and manner of confidence will come naturally through your own, natural, confident body language”.

“And a lot of your body language will come through preparation – being well dressed, well researched and on time. Without these stresses, you’ll approach the interview with the perfect balance of confidence and your body language will only be positive!”

Listen to James on ToneFM’s Job show from 6pm tonight, on 107.8FM!