Over a morning coffee, I found out what it’s like to be an apprentice and how hiring an apprentice meets our business needs, with that warm fuzzy feeling knowing we are helping students get one step closer to their goals.

Talking to our Commercial Manager, James, he said; “We have been employing apprentices for almost a year now and it has been a real benefit for us at One Step Recruitment. It allows us to nurture candidates within the recruitment world with hands on experience in our offices.

We have seen first-hand how students have grown with their job and throughout the apprenticeship process. It’s a real delight to watch those who started off quite shy, to now be glowing with confidence.”

Our Yeovil apprentice Abbie, who joined us in May 2016 through Yeovil College, told me Being an apprentice at One Step has been an amazing opportunity for me, I’ve learnt so much and earning at the same time!

My colleague’s give me so much support and advice, which helps me gain knowledge and experience which is essential in developing throughout my role.

I would highly recommend this route to anyone who is looking to start out in a career.  I have gained so much confidence during this apprenticeship and I cannot thank One Step enough for this!”