Our Senior Technical Consultant Sam Scriven and Industrial Manager Steve Eagle today visited and toured the EDF Hinkley Point site in North Somerset, and was once again overwhelmed with the sheer scale of the project.

 “We’re 3 years into the build and the sheer scale of the build is awe inspiring. Today, Hinkley Point C has over 3,500 workers onsite. By this time next year, there will be 5,600 workers on site.

It’s truly staggering and remains an enormous draw for local, national and international STEM trained professionals”.

“Its nice to know my candidates and companies I have worked with have made an impact and contributed to the build process and I’m proud to have seen my candidates hard work up close”.

“With £18 billion spent for construction and a total of 25,000 jobs generated during the construction phase, Hinkley has been a generational changer for Technical jobs in the South West, and I’m eager to see One Step expand it’s Technical Consultancy.”