Recruitment of staff can be a costly and extremely time consuming process, one that can be quite a burden.

With many candidate being made redundant due to the Covid-19 pandemic, employers may well find themselves inundated with applications and considerations need to be made if your business doesn’t get back to a potential candidate who in turn could be your next big customer.  How much your time is worth sifting through CV’s and applications?

Below are some of the benefits of using an agency to fulfill that recruitment requirement

      1. Identifying and qualifying talent 

Recruitment Agencies generally have a database of candidates that are actively looking and can search for suitable candidates.  The best candidate is often the ones that are not actively looking for a new role but they would be open to an opportunity should it present itself.  When employers post roles on line they are completely reliant on the right candidate seeing the advert at the right time and that is not always the case.  Recruitment agencies also speak to candidates in order to fully inform them of the role in question and put forward those that are right for the position.

       2.  Pre-interviewing

Agencies should fully register a candidate before sending a CV over for a potential position.  They will check proof to work in the UK, find out about the candidates past background and their career aspirations.  Upon obtaining all of that information they will relay that information to an employer when forwarding over a CV so the client has a full understanding including salary expectations about what the applicant wants.

      3.  Advertising the vacancy

Costs often increase when businesses have to advertise the vacancy, there are many sites now that are a pay-per-click (PPC) with no guaranteed outcome that you will actually find a member of staff from that advert.  Gone are the days of putting a job advert in the paper.  One Step Recruitment we advertise the position free of charge thus getting the exposure of the vacancy and attracting any new candidates that may be looking for their new challenge.

      4.  Insights into the industry

Agencies work tirelessly to provide recruitment solutions for many different organisations and therefore have expertise which employers can utilise.  Recruiters understand the employers requirement, candidate expectations and competitor activity.  Agencies are therefore ideally placed to assist employers in making a decision with regards to their next recruit.

      5.  On boarding

At One Step Recruitment, recruitment doesn’t finish when the candidate has started.  Candidates take time to settle in to a business, some may have several questions which they are not comfortable asking at such an early stage in a new company.  We will check in with both employer and candidate ironing out any issues early on that either party may have.

These are only a few benefits of using an agency such as us at One Step Recruitment.  We can help find the skills and experience required to drive the business forward without costing a fortune.

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