One Step have been present in Somerset for 20 years, and no matter the market, our central, core company tenet has never changed – our locality is central to everything we do.

Our MD Nick Mock has made a point of ingraining this respect and focus of where we work into everything we do – from candidate management to client relationships; we never lose sight of why we work where we do, and who we work for.

“Somerset is a vibrant and exciting county and after working in the South West prior to setting up One Step I spotted a gap in the local recruitment market in Somerset. Where national agencies provide vague, one-size-fits-all coverage, I wanted to set up an agency that championed the region it worked in – I wanted to work exclusively in the area, for the area.

No national agency can offer what we offer – a long standing appreciation of local markets, complete local speciality knowledge and consultants who intimately understand the rhythms of employment in Somerset and the South West”.

“3 years ago we perfected this message into something recognisable, clean and modern, and now we imbue everything we do with Stay Local. Whether its marketing material for local press, charitable outreach, or client-facing meetings, we make sure our community are always at the forefront of what we do. We’re proud to serve Somerset and the wider South West region and look toward 2019 with confidence”.

Wherever you see the #StayLocal sign you know we’re hard at work supporting the local community.