We’re excited to be back on ToneFM Job’s Show tonight: our Commercial Manager James Tuckett will be discussing everything and anything to do with the role of Recruitment Agencies for clients and candidates.

James’ description of effective agency work was very thorough – “Recruitment Agencies are an enigma for a lot of people and are often misunderstood – Whether it’s a bad experience for a candidate looking to change jobs, or a client who feels they haven’t received good service – and I find it incredibly important to educate the public about our position within the jobs market and how vital we can be.”

“Essentially, agencies are in the match making business – matching available skilled workers with available jobs”.

“If you run a business and feel under time or monetary pressure to find new staff, be they temporary or permanent staff, that’s where we step in and act as an extension of your HR – agencies are ready to help expand your search for staff, and do so with speed and efficiency. We advertise for, source, vet and prepare skilled candidates for your roles. All of this is at your discretion, and only once the details of the role, and the ideal candidate, have been taken”.

“For job seekers, agencies are designed to augment your job search. Whether we are looking after the role you’re seeking, or you just want to see what’s on the market, the best agencies should be reactive, proactive and honest with their opportunities, and the very best agencies should have a single, trusted consultant to deal with their inquiry, so every job seeker can receive a candid consultancy”.

“However, it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, stop there. The entire model of recruitment works on relationships, and on the honesty and integrity we show candidates and clients. If our relationship with our people isn’t viable, the whole structure falls apart. We’re looking after people’s careers, so agencies should pride themselves on their honesty and should be completely transparent about what they do, how they do it and why they do it”.

“One Step Recruitment is Somerset’s leading independent local recruiter and have been for over 20 years – we know our market, and we know our people.We staff across all fields, no matter the need: from temporary holiday events work where we supply hundreds of hospitality staff to sporting and music events; to permanent, full time senior management roles within niche markets such as STEM, legal or financial sectors. We pride ourselves on our integrity – as an REC Advocate we’re regularly audited to ensure due diligence is in place for all temporary and permanent staff. We follow the REC Code of Ethics and we regularly review our systems and staff training to maintain our standard as a recruitment business leader.

James is live on ToneFM tonight from 6pm, on 107.8FM. Tune in to hear more!