It’s never been harder for business owners to find the perfect candidate.  You’d think with the prevalence and ease of social media, and the benefits of now-universal B2C contact it would be smooth sailing, but, like most things, quantity does not mean quality and this is absolutely true of modern recruitment.

Job seekers, however, beware – employers are aware it’s a “Candidate Led” market and are increasingly improving their on boarding, meaning they will now be attracting and actively searching for the very best in the candidate market quicker and more efficiently than ever.

Gone are the days of sitting on stacks of CV’s, holding out for the best candidate to come to them – employers are now reaching into the market to seek the best in their field and recruiters are leading the charge by becoming trusted partners and market-specialists in the hiring process.

Employment may be at record highs, but that doesn’t mean managers and HR departments are compromising to fill a gap: they know that up to 90% of workers are “passive job seekers” and if approached the right way, employees will have their head turned.

So what does the Employee of Tomorrow need to know, and how to business owners and leaders draw (or keep) the best talent in such a competitive candidate pool?

  • The employee of tomorrow is already looking for their next job: As a candidate, be aware you’ll be up against other eligible candidates, and employers you have to strike while the iron is hot. Don’t assume candidates will wait for weeks for a call back.
  • Candidates are mobile and informed and almost all candidates will research a company before they consider applying; so candidates, more than ever you should brush up on your market and company knowledge, and employers should be aware that the internet makes you transparent so be honest about your plans, the position, your company and the role advertised!
  • Social Media Is Your Friend – social media is increasingly becoming a gateway for employees to contact employers and vice versa – so employers, make sure your social presence is relevant and most importantly manned round the clock; candidates, be professional and alert with outreach, but be prepared to be pipped to the post by other alert and on the ball candidates. Social media doesn’t sleep.
  • Specialisms – with 65% of children in school now expected to work in industries that currently don’t exist, and huge staffing short falls in Care, Manufacturing and STEM industries, being a specialist in these fields will put you to the top end of the hiring spectrum.
  • The Human Touch – automation will have a huge impact on HR processes but never forget the human touch. Employees don’t want to be treated like a number in a queue, and employers don’t want to be seen as lacking empathy. Don’t forget the “H” in “HR”.

2019 will be a seismic year for UK companies, and away from the metropolitan buzz edge counties like Somerset will have a challenge on their hands finding the right talent for vacant positions. But the lure of the “countryside” is strong, and relocation to our communities has never been a more viable option. So employees and employers take heed – speed is of the essence and talent moves fast.