We’re back on the ToneFm Job Show on Friday night discussing the mystery of the counter offer – what we suggest when confronted with one, and the reasons for why they get offered.

Counter offers can be construed in multiple ways: either a client has dropped the ball and is panicking to keep a member of staff who wants to leave, or it’s a genuine effort to offer a great member of staff a pay rise they duly deserve.

As a candidate, you should be wary (as you should be when considering any review, pay rise, job role change or career move) but you should always try and be considerate of your context.

James Tuckett, our Commercial Manager, says managing a candidate’s expectation of a counter offer and preparing them for one is one of the most vital parts of the candidate journey.

“Everyone will at some point be counter offered when they’re about to part ways with a company. It’s part and parcel of job seeking, and candidates should see it as a positive sign – you are valued, your employer has seen it, and they want to keep you. However, sometimes the offer is too little, too late”.

“Common advice has always been to discount the counter offer – to remember why you sought to leave the company in the first place, to consider the work you’ve already done securing yourself a new job, and the chances it represents”.

“Recruiters sometimes want to use the Counter Offer to leverage a client – turning to the client you’ve successfully placed a candidate with and surprising them with a counter offer can sometimes work in your favour – an increased salary offer, bonuses or an extension to a candidates holiday – however it can be a risky manoeuvre and end in a client closing the door”.

“Our advice is to always consider your context. We do advise, in the majority of cases, to remember your reasons for wanting to join another company. Don’t undersell yourself and always be honest to both your current and new employer. Recruiters should be working with you on keeping the channels of communication open and preparing all parties for counter offers”.

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