One of our proudest moments as a company was to be part of the team that delivered a fantastic hospitality experience for the thousands of fans who came to the Cricket World Game between New Zealand and Afghanistan last Saturday in Taunton.

One Step have been delivering game-day hospitality and catering staff to the Cooper Associates County Cricket Ground in Taunton for 2 years, and when we were tasked with providing staff for the 3 games the ground is holding as part of the 2019 Cricket World Cup, we wanted to put a team together that represented the best in the country and the best in service.

Somerset has long been known as a Cricket lovers county – but the thousands of international guests coming to town needed, demanded, a game day experience like no other – and our staff delivered on it.

The first game is always going to be a hard one – from game day preparation to inevitable drop-outs, travel issues and more – but our staff delivered, and the day was a huge success.

Maisie and Daria (pictured) are our two Event and Hospitality consultants, and after checking in all the staff for the day, they managed to get a quick snap with the huge CWC logo…and they’ll be back to do it again on Wednesday between Pakistan and Australia.