We do enjoy getting out and about ever so much and yesterday’s destination was down by the seaside in the Princess Theatre for the Sedgemoor Job Fair!

Our day began with the Chairman of Sedgemoor and a photographer from the local press popping over for a long chat with our commercial temporary Consultant Emma, then all of a sudden the doors opened to eager job seekers and we were READY!

The job fair was a great opportunity to meet a variety of people looking to refresh their employment status- from helping a woman who after 31 years in the same job and now fancies an entire career change, to a young chap who is after his first job and didn’t know quite where to start and everyone else in between!

A fab day all round and we received lots of thanks for our help and general job hunt advise throughout the day.

Pat on the back Emma for your hard work and thank you for having us Sedgemoor Job Fair 2016!