Our award winning Chard branch are a power unto themselves – they have set such a high standard within our own company, and continue to beat their own year-on-year records, that we thought it best that Steve Eagle, Industrial Manager, comment on their winning of the Branch of the Year award at our One Step Awards night.

“Chard have now won best branch for the past 3 years. This is an achievement in itself!

How have they done this? It simply comes down to the support and relationship they have with both their clients and their applicants.

I know Chard set this consistent high standard purely by watching how job seekers and current workers interact with the Chard team.

Many a time I’ve been in the office, our agency staff, who are working for One Step, have come into the branch with gifts for the team. This is all I need to see to know the team are delivering on a personal, empathetic and effective recruitment service.

In a small community, it is vital to show support at a time when you are potentially at your most vulnerable, and job seeking can be a challenging and emotional time – so coming to One Step Chard is known in the area as a place where our team will do all they can to help you, and this is seen in the long term dedication every staff member, temp or perm, who works for them shows and delivers on a regular basis.

Clients have continued to work with the Chard team due to the hard work and dedication they have provided. The Chard team consistently supply good quality staff that fit the bill, every time. The team might not have the best person on a particular day, but due to the strong relationship they have with their clients, their clients know that if they wait a day or two, they will get the best choice of applicant to fulfill there requirements. Saying that, 99% of the time our Chard team have their bookings filled, and on time, with applicants who in the vast majority of occasions, stay in the role offered.

Another huge part of the Chard team’s success is that the team all support each other. The team know each others strengths and use these to monopolise their business across all levels, even out of hours. This comes down to a huge sense of pride they have for their own collective and individual brand and personality.

On a personal note, the Chard team are a real treat to work with and work for. They always have a smile on their face and deliver on everything a manager can ask for.

Thank you for all you do”.

Well done Chardies!