It’s been a week since One Step Recruitment defied expectation and left the annual IRP Awards with an incredible win for Adriana, our Chard Branch Manager, taking home the “Jobs Transform Lives: Best Candidate Experience” award.


In her own words, this is what it means for her:


I wasn’t really aware what this award could possibly ever mean to me or my career, until I walked into the IRP awards venue. Seeing all the best recruitment professionals in the business, I was in disbelief to of been sharing my evening with people who had worked so hard to be where they are.


I felt like all of my hard work had paid off and I was exactly where I needed to be.

The judges blessed me with comments such as; “when they received the testimonials from my candidates it warmed their hearts, and that I was the clear winner in this category” and when they announced my name as the winner of “Jobs Transform Lives; Best Candidate Experience” I could not hide my happiness and pride.


It was even commented that the service to my candidates was so thorough and sincere it could be classed as social care – this really bought tears to my eyes as it showed how appreciated I am as a professional within my sector.


Winning the award was an amazing surprise. I felt overwhelmed and it means that I have actually helped transform people’s lives for the better, and nothing makes me happier than to be able to help people achieve their dreams. It’s already given me a lot of strength to keep on working hard for those people that come to me looking for help, knowing that it actually matters and makes such a difference.


It took me completely by surprise when Mark (the presenter) stopped me right after handing me the award, to ask me about my unique surname. I then felt it was the perfect opportunity to bring some of my Spanish culture to all in the room – how both my Mother’s and Father’s surnames were coincidently the same (we get two surnames; first surname from our father’s first last name and second surname from our mother’s first last name), and were integrated into my surname, making my surname “Brito Brito”! I made sure to clarify that they are not related, but they simply happen to have to same first last name! I was glad to see how much this made them laugh!


My main priority is to get to know my candidates and clients, to gain the understanding of their needs, current circumstances and really what they are aiming for. This enables me to be able to advise and motivate them giving them the support they need in order to be able to achieve their professional goals, and personal stability that they are looking for.


The most important thing in everything we do is to make people feel they matter, because they do; to always go that extra mile when the circumstances requires it, and to make sure to give everyone and everything the dedication, time and place they deserve.


It’s an indescribable feeling to get rewarded for doing what I love, and I would like to thank all of my candidates for trusting me and being so wonderfully honest  with their testimonials, which ones I will never forget.