Starting your first job is an absolute roller coaster, and despite the incredible number of jobs on offer and how easy and efficient it is to apply for roles, the process has become harder, and most definitely longer.

Often, a job in retail or hospitality is a job seekers first job – the barriers to entry are low and staff are in constant demand – and, according to Maisie Brown, one of our Industrial Consultants, this kind of job is the best first job you can have as you quickly gain key behavioural skills.

“There are key skills learnt while working in a Customer facing role you simply don’t get in any other environment – especially in hospitality. And these skills are the best preparation for any work place.

“Take hospitality for example, waiting tables – not only are you consistently customer facing, you have to be polite, confident, communicative, adaptable, both dealing with your customers (who, bearing in mind, turn to you for everything from allergen information to complaints) and your team.

You also learn how to listen: both from management, and your customer. You learn how to preempt issues, develop your presentation and most importantly you learn how to communicate.

No matter what job you work in, if you cannot communicate effectively and accurately you won’t get far – learning how to confidently talk to people, sell in a fair manner and above all do so with a smile on your face, stands you in wonderful stead for any job.”

Maisie mentions high street casual dining company Bills as a great company example of well trained and confident customer service – “The staff in Bills follow a proven customer service training regime before they step onto the floor, and it works – service is immaculate, presentation is perfect every time and you can tell the staff have pride in the job they do”.