One Step would like to honour International Women’s Day by introducing and celebrating one of our most hard working and brilliant staff members, Sam King.

Sam is our Client Relationship Manager – a multifaceted and client centred job, where she covers business development, company practice and client management. Not only that, she balances this role with also being a parent to two young children and studying Level 4/5 HND in Business.

All in a days work it seems! Her exhaustive working week and drive to progress is worth celebrating, so we wanted to get her to tell her story, and if, on International Women’s Day, she has any advice for working women in the South West.

What do you do at One Step Recruitment?

I am the Client Relationship Manager! Which, as the title may give away, involves a lot of communication with both new and old clients – making sure our services are managed thoroughly from initial contact with new clients all the way through to follow up calls after placements are made – giving our clients the chance to provide feedback on our services.

What did you do before you joined One Step Recruitment?

I’ve always been very business and learning focused, my previous jobs entailed a lot of HR, client management and customer based roles. I just love communicating with different people, from all different backgrounds, handling various situations and learning to overcome boundaries and resolve issues.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Getting out and meeting with our incredible clients. Due to the vast difference of industries in which we operate, this helps get a better knowledge and understanding of where we are placing our candidates and the environments in which they will work!

Who are your favourite female role models

Non famous females mostly – 110% my nan or my mum. They both were incredibly hard workers and both supported me when I went through testing times, I know that they are both hugely proud of all I have overcome and where I am today!

However, One famous female I live by – Maya Angelou. She went through some really hard times, and used her incredible passion to be involved in some big things, and her quotes are inspiring: “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

What advice would you give to young women working in the South West?

Take every opportunity and run with it! Sometimes it may feel like you’re climbing a never ending mountain, but just look back at how far you’ve come and keep pushing forward. Sometimes those really hard times, bring out the best you! You just have to keep going.

As Maya Angelou once said “Nothing will work unless you do.”