One Step Recruitment are proud to announce that we’re the new official sponsor of ToneFM’s Job Show!


Over the coming few months we’ll be providing news and advice on the local jobs market and our esteemed commercial manager James Tuckett will discuss the in’s and out’s of what makes a successful candidate find the job of their dreams.


From the do’s and don’ts of job applications, salary negotiation, rights in the work place, temporary and permanent recruitment to interview techniques and more, (and because our community is at the centre of everything we do), we’re aiming to provide some industry insight and key advice for Taunton residents.


Tonight, our Commercial Manager James Tuckett will be talking about Interview Processes – what do candidates need to do to make sure they stand out during an interview?


James highlights that success hinges on one of the basic Job Seeking Tasks – preparation. Coming face to face with a prospective employer can be daunting. The more prepared you are the better your chances. Prepare for the simple things – dress well, smile, be polite, be confident and talk proudly of your accomplishments!”


From company research to interview times and travel commitments on the day, your approach to an interview often sets the tone for the interview itself.


Tune in at 6pm tonight to hear more industry insights from One Step, and for great music and local news and features, tune in to 107.8fm!