We told you we reward hard work..Cue James Worth

Posted Saturday 05th Aug 2017


There must be something in the water this week as Adriana, our Chard Branch Manager, called the marketing team to say she has a candidate who has been working for our well-established client and he HAS to be our August’s Team player of the Month.

“He is a lovely man, hardworking and one of the kindest souls I have had the pleasure of working with”. Adriana told me excitedly. 

She added “James always has excellent feedback from our client and (bless his heart) he brings his time sheet into our office every single Friday without fail, not only that, he brings all of his colleague’s time sheets too.

We have never heard a bad word said about you James. This is why we’ve rewarded you as our August Team player of the Month. whoop whoop!




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